UV Protection

All ZEISS Sunlens are 100% UV protection.

Polarization Efficiency

With over 99% of polarization efficiency, ZEISS polarized lenses reduces glare for a safe and relaxed vision.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Reduces the light that reflects on the internal surface of the sun lens-cuts blur and internal reflections.

Lenses Made by Zeiss

ZEISS Sunlens defines their own quality standards, more stringent than the international norms, to dleiver premium lenses. Users benefit from these standards with good lens durability, visual comfort, safety, the guarantee of optical clarity and resolution.

Only those lenses that meet ZEISS exacting standards are good enough to be engraved with the ZEISS “Z” guaranteeing their authenticity and quality. Additionally, ZEISS sun lenses also pass the ANSI standard.